Meditation is freeing the mind from thoughts of sense-objection. Dhyanam Nirvishayam Manah – Mind dwells on God and God alone during meditation.

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Steps toward learning and experiencing Meditation – Purify your heart through selfless service, recitation of Lord’s names.Pranayama, etc. Get yourself established in Sadachara or right conduct. follow Yama and Niyama as per Patanjali Yog Darshan. Have ethical perfection. Then alone you will be established in deep Meditation.

Meditation follows concentration and Samadhi follows meditation.

How to begin Meditation – A gross mind wants a concrete object for meditation, in the beginning. Meditation on a concrete form such as the form of Lord Krishna with flute in hand, or the form of Lord Jesus or Lord Buddha is very necessary for the beginning. This is SAGUNA meditation or meditation in the form of the Lord with attributes.

Think of his attributes such as Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omnipotence, purity, and perfection,etc., When you meditate on his form.

Gradually the mind will be prepared and disciplined to take up the higher Nirakara and Nirguna meditation, formless and attributeless meditation on the Pure NIRGUNA Brahman.

Deep meditation cannot come in a day or a week or a month. You will have to struggle hard for a long time. Be Patient. Be persevering. Be vigilant and diligent. Cultivate burning dispassion, burning aspiration or longing for Self-realization. Gradually you will enter into deep Meditation.


Obstacles in meditation are enumerated. Measures for getting over them. Just read and listen with rapt attention. The  chief obstacles are Laya ( Sleep), Vikshepa (tossing of mind), Kashaya (Vasanas or subtle, hidden desires),Rasasvada (bliss of Savikalpa Samadhi),lack of Brahmacharya,spiritual pride, laziness,disease,company of worldlings,over-eating, over-work,too much mixing with people, and self-assertive,Rajasic nature.

  • Conquer sleep through Pranayama, Asanas and light diet. (Yoga Mudra)
  • Remove Vikshepa through Pranayama, Japa, Upasana or Worship, Trataka, etc.
  • Destroy Kashaya through dispassion, discrimination, the study of books which treat of dispassion, meditation, Vichara- inquiry, etc.
  • Rasasvada is the bliss which one gets during the experience of lower Savikalpa Samadhi. This is also an Obstacle in Meditation because a Yogi gets false contentment, imagines that he has reached the highest Nirvikalpa state, stops his Sadhana and doesn’t attempt to attain the highest state. Rise above Rasasvada; struggle and reach the Nirvikalpa Samadhi.
  • Failure in Brahmacharya fills the mind with impurity, increases the lease of mundane life here and strengthens the sexual Vasana. Therefore, observe unbroken celibacy.
  • When the aspirant gets some spiritual progress, he develops spiritual pride. He thinks that he is superior to the householders. Maya assumes various forms. Destroy this spiritual pride through self-analysis and enquiry.
  • Laziness is another obstacle.Practice Asanas and Pranayama. Do vigorous selfless service for two hours daily. Run. Do yoga asana, Clean house, Laziness will disappear.
  • Shun the company of worldly persons who always talk about sexual matters, money, and worldly things.
  • Do not overwork. This will produce fatigue. You cannot meditate.
  • Do not mix with people. Raga –Dvesha (Likes and Dis-likes ) will increase. The mind will be perturbed.
  • Kill the self-assertive Rajasic nature through humility, enquiry, reflection, and meditation. Be vigilant. Fill the mind with Sattva.

Remove the above obstacles one by one. March on boldly in the spiritual path and reach the goal quickly.

Thank you for reading, Namaskar, Sarvottam Kumar

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