5 Reasons Why Do We Need Insurance to Teach Yoga?

Teaching yoga is the most rewarding and satisfying experience for yoga teachers. From the day of taking a challenge to learn yoga to the day of teaching the art, the journey is genuinely challenging for both teachers and aspirants. Students from all age groups come for yoga teacher training who want to improve their life and experience peace along with physical fitness.

As there are lots of poses and postures in yoga, there is a higher probability of getting injured during the practice. To stay in a safe zone, it is a wise option to choose for insurance. Taking a yoga teacher insurance will help you to keep your business protected and keep running smoothly.

The Need for Yoga Teacher Insurance

Yoga is an ancient art that is recommended by lots of yoga instructors. As yoga has lots of benefits, some students can get injured by pushing themselves beyond their physical capability. It is better to stay in the safe zone by choosing the best

yoga insurance. Regardless of yoga teacher’s best efforts to teach yoga without any injury, injury happens due to a number of reasons. According to research, the numbers are doubled in the past five years. For yoga, teacher training insurance plays a critical role in keeping you and your students away from injuries.

5 Reason to take Yoga Teacher Insurance 

Studio Requirement

A number of yoga studios require teachers with liability insurance before they start professional training with their students. No matter where you teach either in the park or home, the insurance will cover every aspect of a yoga studio.


By taking insurance, it will help you in case any student gets injured during the practice of yoga. The students getting hurt is a serious matter of concern for yoga teachers. To keep students in a safe zone, yoga insurance is the best option for them.

Privacy Policy

Many times the yoga instructors post pictures online for advertisements, but the students are not comfortable with their photos being used. Taking insurance will help you to protect from legal action.

Alleged Misconduct

As yoga is all about physical contact between trainers and students. There is always a risk of an allegation of misconduct. By choosing for the insurance, it will save you from these types of cases.

General Liability or Professional Liability Insurance

Both types of insurance are essential for yoga teachers. The best option is to seek out a policy that provides both types of coverage. General liability insurance will protect you against third-party claims for injury or property damage. For example, if a mirror falls off the wall and the pieces of glass injuries a student. The professional liability insurance will protect you against claims that your instructions or posture correction resulted in injury.

The Bottom Lines

The cost of yoga insurance varies greatly as per the demand of the market. Before taking insurance, it is important to read out the reviews to decide the best insurance policy for you. By taking insurance, it will help you to stay away from worries and keep you protected from all types of legal problems.

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Be a professional Yoga Teacher with 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Since yoga came into existence, it has brought the biggest transformation in the history of mankind. In the present scenario, yoga is considered not only an ancient art, but it has become a therapy for the people who are suffering from various types of health complications. With deep roots in India, yoga has taught millions of people to see the brighter side of life and explore their limits to learn yoga differently.

Learning and exploring various asanas and positions of yoga is truly fascinating and exciting for everyone. With numerous destinations around the globe, Rishikesh is one of the tourist destinations which attracted numerous tourist from around the globe.

Exploring Yoga in Rishikesh

The yoga programs and professional training gained lots of popularity among the people. There are various courses designed for the people as per their requirements. The yoga school in Rishikesh has designed a curriculum for yoga training to spreads awareness among the people not only in India but around the globe.

The yoga school in Rishikesh has designed various modules according to the requirements and choice of yoga aspirants. The 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh teaches you a lot about the postures of yoga and their benefits on the body. The yoga teachers have designed study material for the systematic guidance of the aspirants.

During the training session, the trainers focus on various types of Shatkarma, Pranayama, Meditation, spiritual living, etc. The aspirants will get a chance to know deeply about the nutrition best for the body, and they will share the concept of a yogic diet along with the magic of Indian spices.

The yoga teacher training tells you about various yoga poses as well as various Hatha styles of yoga, which include Bikram, Vinyasa, power, and hot yoga. They are the top priority for the people who are looking to take their practice sessions on the next level. There is a unique teaching way which sets yoga school different from others in the crowd.

There are various modules of yoga designed as per the international standards.  The detailed training of yoga helps in the self-development of every individual.  From the beginner to the intermediate level, the program is designed accordingly to give them the best. The yoga training is a unique way to transform the personality of an individual from ordinary to an extraordinary one.

The yoga aspirants will get satvic and organic food during the entire training session. Located in the lap of nature and surrounded by Tapovan mountains, makes the place even more beautiful. It is truly an incredible experience to enjoy the greenery of the mountains. The presence of Laxman Jhoola is the main tourist attraction for the tourist coming for yoga teachers training at Rishikesh.

The Final Thoughts

Enrolling for yoga teacher’s training is going to be the best decision for yoga lovers. The leading institutes in Rishikesh have led the path of peace and happiness for the people around the globe.

Experience Peace with the Best Meditation Teacher Training in Nepal

Since decades Nepal is the center of spirituality for the people around the globe. It is a magical and beautiful place situated in the lap of mighty Himalayas. The presence of flora and fauna along with snow-covered mountains allows you to explore the beauty of the place as well as bring you closer to nature. Nepal is a place known for its colorful culture and traditional lifestyle. The art, culture, and music set Nepal different from the rest of the world.

In the present scenario, people have realized the importance of meditation. There are numerous people heading towards Nepal to lead a peaceful life. The beautiful place has revealed hidden treasures for the people around the globe as well as helps them to establish a connection between mind, body, and soul. It is a place for people who are looking forward to learning various types of meditation to stay fit in their life.

Learn Meditation in Nepal

Meditation is the best way to train your mind and body. The ancient art of meditation becomes easy to learn when you have a teacher to guide you through the spiritual journey. The best Meditation teacher training in Nepal teaches you to handle your mind, body, and emotions. The holy land of Buddha has spread the light of knowledge throughout the globe.

Apart from meditation, it is the best place for yoga teacher training in Nepal. With the drastic increase in the number, people are looking forward to professional training and guidance in meditation. The meditation course is designed for people who want to make their life peaceful and healthy.    

The yoga courses in Nepal have affiliated with yoga alliance USA. It is a unique course in Nepal, which is transforming the lives of people around the globe. To achieve spiritual peace, it is mandatory to practice meditation in the right direction under the guidance of an expert teacher or mentors.

Physical Benefits of Meditation

(1.) Improve brain functioning and blood circulation in the body

(2.) Improves fertility.

(3.) Help you to reduce the asthma symptom.

(4.) It helps to relax earlier.

(5.) It helps to reduce the frequency of headaches.

Spiritual Benefits of Meditation

(1.) It helps to increases happiness and overall being.

(2.) This leads you to the path of enlightenment.

(3.) Increases your ability to love

(4.) Develops forgiveness

(5.) Gives you inner peace

The Final Thoughts

There are numerous benefits of meditation which encourage people to practice meditation and to enjoy a life full of peace, happiness, and harmony. There are various forms of meditation that are being taught in Nepal to the aspirants.

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Know Some Interesting Facts about Yoga Teacher Training In India and Nepal

India is a birthplace of yoga. Since decades numerous yoga guru and mentors have given a right and a strong foundation to the ancient art. With the passing time, yoga was not only restricted to India, but it has crossed the boundaries of India to spread the light of spirituality and fitness across the globe. Yoga and spirituality have got a massive positive effect on the new age world.

Since the time yoga has originated, it has completely changed the definition of yoga and spirituality for the people around the globe. The people across the globe are curious to know about the interesting facts about the ancient art. The teachings of yoga imparted in India are the purest form of yoga.

Interesting Facts about Yoga  

Being the birthplace of yoga, India is a home for thousands of yoga schools and training centres. The yoga retreat offers numerous yoga courses for yoga lovers. Just like educational institutions, the yoga teacher training fee varies from place to place. There are some interesting facts about Yoga teacher training in India and Nepal, which people need to know before enrolling for yoga courses.

Some of them are listed below!

(1.) Experienced Yoga Gurus

India is a birthplace for many yoga gurus across the world. The teachings of renowned gurus in India are still in existence today. By visiting the holy land of India, it is easy to follow the footsteps of the renowned yoga mentors.

(2.) Yoga is India’s Lifestyle

India is a country which adopts a different way of living a healthy life. Yoga is a part of everyone’s life, apart from all the diversities, religion, and languages yoga binds all the people in a single thread.

(3.) Cost-Efficient

As compared to other countries, a yoga teacher training program in India is cost-efficient as well as economical. The reason behind this is the yogis are spreading awareness among the people to stay fit and healthy as well as raise the standards of spirituality.

(4.) Detailed Knowledge about Ayurveda

Apart from yoga, India is a land for Ayurveda and preventive medicines. It is an ancient way of healing diseases with the help of natural herbs and plants with medicinal qualities. Taking a yoga course helps you to know more about the disciplines at the same time.

(5.) Help you to know Yoga Diet

Just after joining the yoga course, the yoga aspirants can enjoy simple, healthy, and tasty yogic food. You will get a chance to learn about the cooking techniques of healthy dishes. The addition of healthy dishes helps you to stay healthy throughout your life.

(6.) Adventure with Yoga

Once you start exploring it gives you a lot of opportunities to choose from among the list of adventure activities like river rafting, bungee jumping, cliff jumping, and many more activities during the entire course of yoga training.

The Final Thoughts

The points mentioned above have attracted lots of yoga lovers from around the globe. No matter either you are a beginner or you are planning to take your yoga practice to the next level, the yoga school offers the best guidance with adventure on the exotic locations.

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Chakra Asana & Mudras

Chakra Meditation – How to open Chakra and know more about Chakra Awakening with Chakra meditation subtle body practice.

Chakra meditation 

Just as there are 7 colors in the rainbow spectrum, 7 levels of consciousness, 7 ages of man and 7 notes on the western scale, there are 7 major chakras in the human body. There are five chakras outside the body that assist us in connecting to the universal field. The chakras are energy centers, transformers, and gates that connect the meridian lines and the three auras surrounding the physical and subtle bodies. They are located along the spine and up into the head and can be activated and balanced with the chakra meditation outlined at the end of this article.

The 7 chakras in the human body sense the complete range of frequencies entering a person’s personal energy field. They process and distribute energy entering the auras and meridians transforming the frequencies into different sensations; namely, emotion, thought and physical sensations. This is done in the same way that the eye refracts light. Just as different frequencies of light that enter the brain are interpreted by the brain as different colors, the 7 chakras, by refracting subtle energy, break it down into impressions that radiate an impact on a person. 

-In traditional Hatha Yoga, the 7 cleansing bija mantras associated with the chakras are:

  • “LAM”- chakra 1 (root)
  • “VAM”- chakra 2 (sacral/navel)
  • “RAM”- chakra 3 (solar plexus)
  • “YAM”- chakra 4 (heart)
  • “HAM”- chakra 5 (throat)
  • “OM”- chakra 6 (third eye/brow)
  • “OM”- chakra 7 (crown)

You can read a brief, yet the full explanation for each chakra below. 

  1. The Base (or Root Chakra) 

Its colour is red and it is located at the perineum, base of your spine. It is the Chakra closest to the earth. Its function is concerned with earthly grounding and physical survival. This Chakra is associated with your legs, feet, bones, large intestine, and adrenal glands. It controls your fight or flight response. The blockage may manifest as paranoia, fear, procrastination, and defensiveness.

Chakra 2 – – The Sacral (or Navel Chakra) 

Its colour is orange and it is located between the base of your spine and your navel. It is associated with your lower abdomen, kidneys, bladder, circulatory system and your reproductive organs and glands. It is concerned with emotion. This chakra represents desire, pleasure, sexuality, procreation, and creativity. The blockage may manifest as emotional problems, compulsive or obsessive behavior, and sexual guilt. 

Chakra 3 – The Solar Plexus

Its color is yellow and it is located a few inches above the navel in the solar plexus area. This chakra is concerned with your digestive system, muscles, pancreas, and adrenals. It is the seat of your emotional life. Feelings of personal power, laughter, joy, and anger are associated with this center. Your sensitivity, ambition, and ability to achieve are stored here. A blockage may manifest as anger, frustration, lack of direction or a sense of victimization.

Chakra 4 – The heart  

Its color is green and it is located within your heart. It is the center of love, compassion, harmony, and peace. The Asians say that this is the house of the soul. This Chakra is Associate with your lungs, heart, arms hands and thymus gland. We fall in love through our heart Chakra, then that feeling of unconditional love moves to the emotional center commonly known as the solar plexus. After that, it moves into the sexual center or Base Chakra where strong feelings of attraction can be released. When these energies move into the Base Chakra we may have the desire to marry and settle down. Blockage can show itself as immune system, lung and heart problems, or manifest as inhumanity, lack of compassion or unprincipled behavior.

Chakra 5. The Throat

Its color is blue or turquoise and it is located within the throat. It is the Chakra of communication, creativity, self-expression, and judgment. It is associated with your Neck, shoulders, arms, hands, thyroid and parathyroid glands. It is concerned with the senses of inner and outer hearing, the synthesizing of ideas, healing, transformation, and purification. Blockage can show up as creative blocks, dishonesty or general problems in communicating ones needs to others.  

Chakra 6 – The Third Eye (or Brow Chakra) 

Its color is Indigo (a combination of red and blue). It is located at the center of your forehead at eye level or slightly above. This Chakra is used to question the spiritual nature of our life. It is the Chakra of question, perception and knowing. It is concerned with inner vision, intuition, and wisdom. Your dreams for this life and recollections of other lifetimes are held in this Chakra. The blockage may manifest as problems like lack of foresight, mental rigidity, ‘selective’ memory and depression.

Chakra 7 – The Crown 

Its color is violet and it is located at the top of your head. It is associated with the cerebral cortex, central nervous system, and the pituitary gland. It is concerned with information, understanding, acceptance, and bliss. It is said to be your own place of connection to God, the Chakra of Divine purpose and personal destiny. Blockage can manifest as psychological problems.

Meditation is a transformational method that not only helps us relax but also improves our general well-being. If you’re just beginning to meditate or you’ve been wanting to learn, there are a variety of simple meditation techniques you could start with. Learning how to meditate may seem like a daunting task for beginners, but the basics are actually pretty straightforward. To learn about meditation techniques for beginners, follow our guided meditations for beginners through the “Mantra yoga” meditation organization.

We are happy to help you and to give you a lot of opportunities in our meditation course.



Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training India

Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training in India

Our 200 hour yoga & meditation teacher training in Rishikesh & Dharamsala India is a unique mix of Asana and spirituality.The training course is designed for any age people.The 200 hour yoga alliance certified yoga & Meditation teacher training course in India at Mantra Yoga School is a Beginner level 01- Course for them who wish to experience Yoga – Physical aspect and Meditation, spiritual aspects of Intellect,mind power as well. This is a complete wellness training program for them who wish to become a Meditation teacher as well want to grow themselves into spiritual awakening.

Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training in Rishikesh, Dharamsala India

Email us for any questions regarding our 24 Days – meditation training in Dharamsala or 28 Days training in Rishikesh ,India

Read more about our 200 hour yoga & Meditation teacher training here – https://mantrayogameditation.org/meditation-teacher-training-india/

Laughter Yoga Training in Goa

Laughter Yoga Training in Goa


Laughter Yoga (Hasyayoga) is a combination of deep Breathings and laugh exercises. Laughter yoga techniques and movements are very easy to learn and an enjoyable and happiest way to relieve stress and pain. Laugh without any reason and start making eye contact and playfulness in a group initiate laughter yoga. After a few minutes of laughter and playfulness practice, fake laugh turns into real laughter which oxygenates our body and brain to increase energy, enhance brain function and lower stress.

Dr. Madan Kataria started Laughter Yoga (Hasyayoga) in 1995.And spread the Happiness therapy to the worldwide.It is the most wonderful technique to keep yourself stressfree.

Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh- Vinyasa Yoga School India


At Mantra Yoga and Meditation School, the laughter yoga session is the best part of the Yoga teacher training course which includes best laughter yoga exercises, yogic Breathing technique resulting in psychological and physiological benefits.

Benefits of Laughter Yoga (laughing help you live longer)

Laughter yoga is a cardiovascular exercise which helps to keep our body energetic and healthy. It helps to reduce the physical, mental and emotional stress.

A few minutes of laughter yoga can release endorphins hormone from brain which helps to get relief from stress and pain.

Laughter yoga makes our immune system stronger and healthier. It helps to get rid of High blood pressure, heart problems, Blood sugar level and even helpful in cancer as well.

We get more oxygen by doing laughter yoga .oxygen kills the harmful bacteria and virus. It generates positive energy to face a negative situation, people, and energy at any point in time

It helps to clean your lungs   Oxygen get in inside each and every part of the lungs and eliminate the harmful bacteria and toxic elements. A daily routine of laughter yoga can improve lung performance and capacity.

Laughter is the best tool to connect and interact with people.

Yoga Teacher Training School India – Mantra Yoga – Goa