Laughter Yoga Training in Goa

Laughter Yoga Training in Goa


Laughter Yoga (Hasyayoga) is a combination of deep Breathings and laugh exercises. Laughter yoga techniques and movements are very easy to learn and an enjoyable and happiest way to relieve stress and pain. Laugh without any reason and start making eye contact and playfulness in a group initiate laughter yoga. After a few minutes of laughter and playfulness practice, fake laugh turns into real laughter which oxygenates our body and brain to increase energy, enhance brain function and lower stress.

Dr. Madan Kataria started Laughter Yoga (Hasyayoga) in 1995.And spread the Happiness therapy to the worldwide.It is the most wonderful technique to keep yourself stressfree.

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At Mantra Yoga and Meditation School, the laughter yoga session is the best part of the Yoga teacher training course which includes best laughter yoga exercises, yogic Breathing technique resulting in psychological and physiological benefits.

Benefits of Laughter Yoga (laughing help you live longer)

Laughter yoga is a cardiovascular exercise which helps to keep our body energetic and healthy. It helps to reduce the physical, mental and emotional stress.

A few minutes of laughter yoga can release endorphins hormone from brain which helps to get relief from stress and pain.

Laughter yoga makes our immune system stronger and healthier. It helps to get rid of High blood pressure, heart problems, Blood sugar level and even helpful in cancer as well.

We get more oxygen by doing laughter yoga .oxygen kills the harmful bacteria and virus. It generates positive energy to face a negative situation, people, and energy at any point in time

It helps to clean your lungs   Oxygen get in inside each and every part of the lungs and eliminate the harmful bacteria and toxic elements. A daily routine of laughter yoga can improve lung performance and capacity.

Laughter is the best tool to connect and interact with people.

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