Yoga in Astrology

What is the Difference between Yoga in Astrology and Yoga?

Yoga in astrology portrays a unique characteristic of the Vedic history. There are hundreds of Yoga in Vedic astrology. While the yoga in astrology is related to the birth chart of a person, yoga is an art that can be practiced by anyone. According to Hindu mythology, yoga in astrology defines the relationship between the various planets, signs, and the twelve houses. Yoga in astrology is based on the stars, zodiac, and the nine planets. It carries the essence of the predictions that can make you rich, knowledgeable, blissful, and prosperous. It can also signify glory to you according to the positions of the nine planets with different houses.

Yoga is a practice for the mind, body, and soul that heals your body over various parameters. Yoga traces its existence to the importance of ancient philosophy, sharing more than 5000-year history. Practicing yoga is something that aligns the mind, body, and soul together.

Well, sometimes, you can be confused between yoga in astrology and yoga. You may be dwelling with the various aspects of these two unallied yet similar forms of practice. Scroll down to explore the difference between yoga in astrology and yoga to have a better understanding of yogic sciences.

Is Yoga in Astrology and Yoga the same?

    • Manifesting the origin of both of these forms in the ancient philosophy and astrology, they portray exquisite practices for you. There are various types of yoga asanas that provide wellness to the human body with calmness of mind.
    • While Yoga in Astrology deals with the nine planets and their position in due course of time, yoga does not depend on any parameters.
    • Practicing the correct set of yoga in astrology ensures good luck, wealth, and prosperity in the long run of your life. It emphasizes synchronizations with the celestial cycles. Depending on your zodiac sign, you could have a greater vulnerability in a particular area. Yoga in Astrology can turn those weaknesses into strengths.
    • Yoga, on the other hand, also resembles closely to the harmonical balance of the celestial bodies. Hatha yoga is one such yoga form that creates a sense of balance over your ruling planets and the other celestial bodies. Yoga acts like a natural springboard that brings in positive energy over the systematic practice.


various types of yoga asanas

    • Yoga in Astrology and Yoga share the practices that signify the betterment and wellness of the human soul with spiritual tranquility. Yoga in astrology has numerous yoga asanas for different zodiacs. For instance, if you are a Capricorn, you can practice the form of Gate, since Capricorn is known to rule the skeletal structure.
    • Interestingly, yoga has different styles like Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa flow yoga, and Hatha Yoga. For instance, there are 12-basic yoga asanas for Sivananda Yoga. Likewise there are numerous other forms of Yogic practices for you. All these are structured according to the ancient system of mental and physical practices. Profoundly, yoga carries the element that adds a healing effect on your body and soul. It fosters synchronized harmony in the mind, body, and your surroundings.

In Conclusion

You can perform yoga in astrology to attune the enigmatic rhythms of your moon sign to that of the universe. It can be used to promote your self-confidence and self-esteem to incredible levels. Yoga offers you the prodigious tranquility of the intellectual and spiritual state of your mind and body. Experience the staggering sequel of prosperity and wellness while yoga meets astrology in a combined fashion.

Yoga Training

Asanas for Mobility

Yoga is an ancient practice and created over 5000 years ago. It has known to increase flexibility, improves concentration, and many other benefits. The regular practice of yoga brings a massive change in your lifestyle.

There is a specific yoga asana, which is perfect for the improvement of body strength. Well, People are often confused about the differences between mobility and flexibility.

Flexibility: It is the ability to stretch the muscles

Mobility: It is the ability of a joint to perform range-of-motion actively.

Those are seeking to start a practice at home, consider a few yoga poses to increase mobility and strength throughout the body.

There are Following Yoga Asana that is Effective and Improves Joint Mobility

Yoga Training

Downward-facing Dog(AdhoMukhaSvanasana):

Itis the most effective and yoga asana, which brings a lot of changes in muscles and reduces joint pain at the same time. In this pose, wrist bones connect your hand to your forearm. Therefore, it strengthened your wrists as well while pushing the floor away from you.

To practice AdhoMukhaSavasana, you need to work on both legs and hands. Spread your hands shoulder-width apart and knees hip-width apart and gently pull your leg to the upward direction towards the sky. Create an inverted V shape with your body and spread all your fingers and toe as much as possible.

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana):

This is a reclining back-bending asana in Hatha Yoga. This kind of yoga asana also comes in the 12 series of Surya Namaskaras, an alternative to UrdhvaMukhaSvanasana. Cobra pose is most useful for Strengthens the entire back and expands the chest.

To perform this yoga asana, you need to lie down on your belly. Keep your legs close together that your feet and heels lightly touching each other.

Wheel Pose (UrdhvaDhanurasana):

Wheel pose or UrdhvaDhanurasana is a great way to stretch your back muscles, and at the same time, it also extends the hips flexors. Wheel pose is considered best to boost energy and help in strengthening the arms, legs, abdomen, and spine.

To perform this pose, lie down on your back and bend your knees. Now bend your elbows and bring your palms underneath your shoulder and now slowly bend towards your feet.

Mountain Pose (Tadasana):


Yoga Training

Tadasana or Mountain Pose is a standing asana. It is a great pose that improves posture, balance, and increase concentration. It is the foundational pose and inversion of headstand and handstand. It is also helpful for strengthening legs and develops proper alignment.

This Yoga asana is very simple to perform. Stand with your feet together and heels slightly apart. Now, lift your toes and balls of your feet. Hold this position for at least 30 sec to 1 minute and breathing calmly.

Chair Pose (Utkatasana):

This is the most challenging pose and works the muscles of the arms and legs. It also stimulates the diaphragm and heart, increasing endurance as well. To perform Chair pose stand in Tadasana, now inhale gently and raise your arms overhead. Keep your palms facing each other; bend your knees and tailbone facing downward to the floor. Now stay in this position for at least 30 sec and keep breathing slowly.

Yoga Training

In conclusion 

All the above poses are best for improving mobility and flexibility. For a beginner who wants to learn more about yoga, they can join yoga school nearby to enhance their practice. Anyone can practice yoga and practice a basic form of yoga at their home as well.




Yoga Training

Why Pranayama is important in Yoga?

Pranayama is an ancient practice of breath to control the mind and body. It is a Sanskrit word which consists of Prana(means self-energizing life forces), and Ayama(means expansion).

Pranayama is one of the most important parts of yoga, which directly or indirectly affects the functioning of every part of our body. In today‘s world, people often breathe in the top parts of their lungs but not properly. Our fully conscious breathing realizes the movement of the cell and tissues in our bodies. Pranayama helps to breathe correctly with full use of lungs to inhale more fresh oxygen and exhale the stale air out of the body.

Pranayama is an art and has techniques that focus the mind on a specific subject and extract waste products and toxins from our body. The regular practices of pranayama remove toxins from the body and make pure. It helps in reducing the various diseases. Moreover, pranayama is the supply of oxygen to the body, and it’s important as water and food for survival.

The Benefits of Pranayama: 

  • Pranayama is the key feature of Intelligence.
  • It regulates the oxygen all over body parts
  • Remove toxins from the body and clears the mind.
  • It Increases concentration and calmness to the mind.
  • It slows down aging.
  • Regular practice of pranayama reduces weight.
  • It reliefs you from constipation and indigestion problems.
  • It helps in reducing diseases like blood pressure and heart diseases.
  • It makes the healthy immunity system.
  • It helps in lung expansion and improves efficiency and makes it healthier.
  • It helps in reducing stress, anxiety, and lethargy.
  • It helps in circulating blood all over the body and gives a healthy glow to your skin.

Types of pranayama to practice

  • NadiSodhana or Anuloma- viloma Pranayama – Nadisodhana Or AnulomaViloma is a hatha yoga which purifies energy channels through practicing alternate nostril breathing. This pranayama starts and ends by breathing through the left nostril.
  • Kapalabhati – Kapalbhati is most significant pranayama among all. The term derives from Sanskrit, where kapal means Skull and Bhati means radiant. Regular practice brings radiance or clarity in mind as well as in the body.
  • Shitali Pranayama – Shitali Pranayama is the most effective pranayama, which cools down the body, mind, and emotions. Practicing shitali regularly, balances the excess pitta, and cools the body and clear excess heat.
  • Bhastrika Pranayama– It is also known as bellows breath, an energetic breathing practice that balances Kapha and Vata. Grows abdominal muscles stronger.

When to practice Pranayama 

All Pranayama should practice in an empty stomach and the best time to practice in the early morning before sunrise or practice after sunset. For practice pranayama and yoga, the place must be clean and calm.


In ancient times it was believed that pranayama or yoga should be practiced by those who have a great experience. Learn how breath practice relieves anxiety, depression and minor fatigue.

In recent years it becomes so easy to get pranayama training centres with experts in different places.

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How to Become an International Meditation Teacher

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress. It is the mental exercise that involves relaxation, focus, and increase sharpness.

As rising in mental illness such as depression, anxiety, mood disorder, etc. people are more concerned about these diseases. Therefore, many sufferers and individuals join meditation classes to release stress and improve mental health.

Over the year, meditation studios have been emerging in many countries. Many colleges, schools, and offices also offer meditation classes to decrease stress and increase productivity. Due to its growing demand, many people think it as a professional path to building a career. One can easily choose a profession such as a trainer, instructor, and therapist and meditation teacher to build a career.

Meditation teachers are those who guide sufferers for mental clarity through meditation. They also teach students on major philosophies, types, and importance of meditation.

Today meditation industry has grown globally. Therefore, many yoga alliance schools offer training on meditation teachers to build a career.

Here is the list of ways one can follow to become an International meditation teacher 

Make sure about your decision

Think about your goal. You want to be just an expert or become an International meditation teacher.

Do your research

If you are willing to become a meditation teacher, do your research on different types and speak to the people who know something about it. Participate in a class where regular training is going on.

Search for a meditation teacher

Find someone who you admired and not just a famous one. There are a few things you must consider before choosing your guru. He must be loved to teach, positive attitude, friendly in nature, and compassionate towards teaching.

Participate in Yoga Alliance who is expert in training

To become an International meditation teacher, you should practice a lot. So, Yoga Alliance is the best way to increase your learning and help you a lot to understand the concept of meditation. Many organizations provide 200-hour yoga teacher training programs on meditation. Do your research on the organization, whose feedback is available on the website or get listed on the Directory page so that you can enrol without any doubt.

Persist with your practice

If you want to teach others how to meditate then, set a time at least15 minutes every day to practice. You can also do with your friends, go to the meditation retreats, and speak with the meditation community to deepen your understanding.

Share your knowledge with the world

Once you become an expert, you can also teach your friends, or you can offer classes to students on meditation. Here are a few tips to share your knowledge.

  • Many organizations are looking for a teacher who can provide mediation training to their students online.
  • You can join a YouTube channel to enhance your teaching practice.
  • Host a group in meditation, community center, or neighbors around you through flyers.
  • Start a social media group where you can advertise your skills to attract mediators.
  • Talk to a local Meditation center or studio for setting up session three per week.

These are several ways you can start your teaching so that people know you world-wide.

In conclusion

Nowadays, Yoga and Meditation both have an upsurge in popularity. To build your career in yoga or meditation, join Yoga Alliance to become an expert. This is a vast landscape where you can choose the profession as a yoga teacher, trainer, instructor, or therapist, etc. There are many meditation teachers training in Rishikesh who provide the best meditation classes where you can learn basic to advanced techniques.

Pokhara a New Sage City – Best Yoga Retreat and Trekkers Hub

Pokhara is the center of attraction of Nepal and the second largest tourist destination. Every year many tourists choose this beautiful city to revamp their body and soul. The enchanting places in Pokhara attract tourists, yoga lovers, and adventure seekers from different countries.

Pokhara is a clean, beautiful, peaceful, and colorful city that gives the feeling of divinity. Many sages and saints can be seen here, and they believe that yoga is a guru-centered mystical path that brings peace, understanding, and compassion to create a prosperous life.

Embark on a trip to Pokhara to enjoy adventurous activities such as trekking, hiking, rafting, bungee jumping, and relieve stress on vacation by joining yoga retreat centers.

Top Three Yoga Retreat and Trek Hubs in Pokhara

Mardi Himal Yoga Trekking Adventure Retreat in Nepal

Want to do something hilarious on the mountain valley, then Mardi Himal yoga is the best trekking retreat in Nepal. Annapurna circuit is the famous trek for a thrilling experience. The camp is 4500 meters above sea level and surrounded by the serenity of nature and mountains. Practice yoga in the mountain’s peak makes your journey more rejuvenating and refreshing.

Purna Yoga Retreat

Purna yoga retreat is the combination of yoga, mindfulness, and trekking are ways to experience breath-taking mountain views and finding your inner Zen. They offer all kinds of yoga classes like Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga, Pranayama, wellness, and meditation retreat. They also offer cooking classes as well. The day starts with meditation and yoga sessions that boost your energy and deeply connect your soul with nature.

Yoga Trek in Lower Mustang

This is the best yoga trek in Kathmandu, before heading to lower Mustang you will be in two days excursion and acclimating. Yoga trek is a classic teahouse trek that follows the ancient trading route to Tibet of the Kali Gandaki valley. Here you will explore from the culture of the lowland villages to the magnificence of Himalayas, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. The day starts with a 2-3 hour walk to the medieval village of Kagbeni and spends three nights to immerse into the playful yoga poses. From Kagbeni, you trek they will trek up you to Muktinath and view the scenic gardens in Jharkot. In Tatopani village, you will enjoy your yoga practice in the ambiance of natural hot springs.


Pokhara is the best place where you can enjoy your adventurous activities like trekking, along with yoga practice. These magnificent places in Pokhara are quite famous for saint and yoga lovers. We recommend you to choose yoga retreat as they are best in ambiance and learning yoga in such a place will enhance your skill, cultivate a positive mindset as they always give training under the guidance of yoga experts or yoga gurus.

yoga teacher training in Nepal

Top Ten Cheap and Best Restaurants in Pokhara to Explore

Pokhara, the serene town of Nepal, is not only known for its beauty but also for its top-class restaurants. Pokhara has seen many restaurants sprouting in the past decades catering to various tastes like Italian, Korean, Chinese, and authentic Nepalese cuisines.

With so many top-class restaurants on the list, it becomes difficult to choose a particular one. Further, the lakeside area of Nepal is a gastronomic paradise for food lovers.

There are many cheap and best restaurants in Pokhara that yoga students can explore during their yoga teacher training in Nepal.

Given below are the lists of cheap and best restaurants to exploring in Pokhara.

Sun Welcome:

Sun Welcome is a popular restaurant in Pokhara (the lake city) serving best yet cheap meals and mouth-watering breakfast. The restaurant has friendly staff, and the food is fresh and ambrosial. One can spend quality time in the restaurant dining. Laptops and books are allowed inside the restaurant premises.

Old Mike’s Kitchen:

Located amidst the lakeside area in Pokhara, the restaurant serves some of the best morning breakfasts. The restaurant is a hot spot to have a wholesome breakfast after trekking and also ideal after long yoga sessions. The food is mouth-watering and easy on pockets, while the ambiance is top class.

Bajeko Macha Mahal (Bajeko Fish Palace):

It is best known as an ayurvedic fish restaurant. Every dish is very healthy and uses natural ingredients and herbs during its preparation. Further, the dishes are delicious and free from white flour, white sugar, and Ajinomoto. All the dishes are prepared using minimum oil.

yoga teacher training in Nepal


Visit this exotic Middle Eastern restaurant and enjoy the delectable vegan dishes. The restaurant provides a serene view of the Phewa Lake. The ambiance is of top class and occasionally hosts live music.

Umbrella cafe:

The popular hippie restaurant is best for anyone who loves vegetarian and gluten-free dishes.

Caffé Concerto:

The meal at this exotic restaurant will give you a memorable moment. It is one of the best Italian restaurants in Pokhara. The restaurant gives a rustic vibe and has an outdoor fireplace. It serves lettuce dishes prepared directly from herbs brought from its organic garden. The restaurant serves some of the best homemade gelatos, while great thin-crust pizzas and pasta are its signature dish.


The beautiful restaurant also sources its veggies from its own organic farm. The restaurant is very particular about the freshness in food and uses no preservatives. The restaurant serves almost everything like tandoori, Pizza, and burger. Try out the large salads here. The food is delectable and budget-friendly.

Sherpa Kitchen: 

Although new in the town, but the restaurant still has found its place in top-class restaurants. It serves traditional food like momos and thupkas. Tibetan art and the ambiance is breathtaking 

Roadhouse Café: 

The recently opened restaurant is spacious and well designed. Although it serves almost all dishes, the craze for Pizza in the restaurant tops the list.

Metro Crepes: 

Visit Metro Crepes if you have a sweet tooth or craving for dessert. The restaurant offers a dessert with both sweet and savory flavor. The restaurant is ideal for all age groups and serves coffee, slushies, and ice cream and also is equipped with free Wi-Fi.


Hence now, when you are aware of some of the top class restaurants in Pokhara. Visit the one that serves the food of your choice after a yoga session and enjoy the serene beauty and grandeur of Pokhara. Most of the restaurants are easy on your pockets, and the food is exotic.


5 Reasons Why Do We Need Insurance to Teach Yoga?

Teaching yoga is the most rewarding and satisfying experience for yoga teachers. From the day of taking a challenge to learn yoga to the day of teaching the art, the journey is genuinely challenging for both teachers and aspirants. Students from all age groups come for yoga teacher training who want to improve their life and experience peace along with physical fitness.

As there are lots of poses and postures in yoga, there is a higher probability of getting injured during the practice. To stay in a safe zone, it is a wise option to choose for insurance. Taking a yoga teacher insurance will help you to keep your business protected and keep running smoothly.

The Need for Yoga Teacher Insurance

Yoga is an ancient art that is recommended by lots of yoga instructors. As yoga has lots of benefits, some students can get injured by pushing themselves beyond their physical capability. It is better to stay in the safe zone by choosing the best

yoga insurance. Regardless of yoga teacher’s best efforts to teach yoga without any injury, injury happens due to a number of reasons. According to research, the numbers are doubled in the past five years. For yoga, teacher training insurance plays a critical role in keeping you and your students away from injuries.

5 Reason to take Yoga Teacher Insurance 

Studio Requirement

A number of yoga studios require teachers with liability insurance before they start professional training with their students. No matter where you teach either in the park or home, the insurance will cover every aspect of a yoga studio.


By taking insurance, it will help you in case any student gets injured during the practice of yoga. The students getting hurt is a serious matter of concern for yoga teachers. To keep students in a safe zone, yoga insurance is the best option for them.

Privacy Policy

Many times the yoga instructors post pictures online for advertisements, but the students are not comfortable with their photos being used. Taking insurance will help you to protect from legal action.

Alleged Misconduct

As yoga is all about physical contact between trainers and students. There is always a risk of an allegation of misconduct. By choosing for the insurance, it will save you from these types of cases.

General Liability or Professional Liability Insurance

Both types of insurance are essential for yoga teachers. The best option is to seek out a policy that provides both types of coverage. General liability insurance will protect you against third-party claims for injury or property damage. For example, if a mirror falls off the wall and the pieces of glass injuries a student. The professional liability insurance will protect you against claims that your instructions or posture correction resulted in injury.

The Bottom Lines

The cost of yoga insurance varies greatly as per the demand of the market. Before taking insurance, it is important to read out the reviews to decide the best insurance policy for you. By taking insurance, it will help you to stay away from worries and keep you protected from all types of legal problems.

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Be a professional Yoga Teacher with 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Since yoga came into existence, it has brought the biggest transformation in the history of mankind. In the present scenario, yoga is considered not only an ancient art, but it has become a therapy for the people who are suffering from various types of health complications. With deep roots in India, yoga has taught millions of people to see the brighter side of life and explore their limits to learn yoga differently.

Learning and exploring various asanas and positions of yoga is truly fascinating and exciting for everyone. With numerous destinations around the globe, Rishikesh is one of the tourist destinations which attracted numerous tourist from around the globe.

Exploring Yoga in Rishikesh

The yoga programs and professional training gained lots of popularity among the people. There are various courses designed for the people as per their requirements. The yoga school in Rishikesh has designed a curriculum for yoga training to spreads awareness among the people not only in India but around the globe.

The yoga school in Rishikesh has designed various modules according to the requirements and choice of yoga aspirants. The 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh teaches you a lot about the postures of yoga and their benefits on the body. The yoga teachers have designed study material for the systematic guidance of the aspirants.

During the training session, the trainers focus on various types of Shatkarma, Pranayama, Meditation, spiritual living, etc. The aspirants will get a chance to know deeply about the nutrition best for the body, and they will share the concept of a yogic diet along with the magic of Indian spices.

The yoga teacher training tells you about various yoga poses as well as various Hatha styles of yoga, which include Bikram, Vinyasa, power, and hot yoga. They are the top priority for the people who are looking to take their practice sessions on the next level. There is a unique teaching way which sets yoga school different from others in the crowd.

There are various modules of yoga designed as per the international standards.  The detailed training of yoga helps in the self-development of every individual.  From the beginner to the intermediate level, the program is designed accordingly to give them the best. The yoga training is a unique way to transform the personality of an individual from ordinary to an extraordinary one.

The yoga aspirants will get satvic and organic food during the entire training session. Located in the lap of nature and surrounded by Tapovan mountains, makes the place even more beautiful. It is truly an incredible experience to enjoy the greenery of the mountains. The presence of Laxman Jhoola is the main tourist attraction for the tourist coming for yoga teachers training at Rishikesh.

The Final Thoughts

Enrolling for yoga teacher’s training is going to be the best decision for yoga lovers. The leading institutes in Rishikesh have led the path of peace and happiness for the people around the globe.

Experience Peace with the Best Meditation Teacher Training in Nepal

Since decades Nepal is the center of spirituality for the people around the globe. It is a magical and beautiful place situated in the lap of mighty Himalayas. The presence of flora and fauna along with snow-covered mountains allows you to explore the beauty of the place as well as bring you closer to nature. Nepal is a place known for its colorful culture and traditional lifestyle. The art, culture, and music set Nepal different from the rest of the world.

In the present scenario, people have realized the importance of meditation. There are numerous people heading towards Nepal to lead a peaceful life. The beautiful place has revealed hidden treasures for the people around the globe as well as helps them to establish a connection between mind, body, and soul. It is a place for people who are looking forward to learning various types of meditation to stay fit in their life.

Learn Meditation in Nepal

Meditation is the best way to train your mind and body. The ancient art of meditation becomes easy to learn when you have a teacher to guide you through the spiritual journey. The best Meditation teacher training in Nepal teaches you to handle your mind, body, and emotions. The holy land of Buddha has spread the light of knowledge throughout the globe.

Apart from meditation, it is the best place for yoga teacher training in Nepal. With the drastic increase in the number, people are looking forward to professional training and guidance in meditation. The meditation course is designed for people who want to make their life peaceful and healthy.    

The yoga courses in Nepal have affiliated with yoga alliance USA. It is a unique course in Nepal, which is transforming the lives of people around the globe. To achieve spiritual peace, it is mandatory to practice meditation in the right direction under the guidance of an expert teacher or mentors.

Physical Benefits of Meditation

(1.) Improve brain functioning and blood circulation in the body

(2.) Improves fertility.

(3.) Help you to reduce the asthma symptom.

(4.) It helps to relax earlier.

(5.) It helps to reduce the frequency of headaches.

Spiritual Benefits of Meditation

(1.) It helps to increases happiness and overall being.

(2.) This leads you to the path of enlightenment.

(3.) Increases your ability to love

(4.) Develops forgiveness

(5.) Gives you inner peace

The Final Thoughts

There are numerous benefits of meditation which encourage people to practice meditation and to enjoy a life full of peace, happiness, and harmony. There are various forms of meditation that are being taught in Nepal to the aspirants.

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Know Some Interesting Facts about Yoga Teacher Training In India and Nepal

India is a birthplace of yoga. Since decades numerous yoga guru and mentors have given a right and a strong foundation to the ancient art. With the passing time, yoga was not only restricted to India, but it has crossed the boundaries of India to spread the light of spirituality and fitness across the globe. Yoga and spirituality have got a massive positive effect on the new age world.

Since the time yoga has originated, it has completely changed the definition of yoga and spirituality for the people around the globe. The people across the globe are curious to know about the interesting facts about the ancient art. The teachings of yoga imparted in India are the purest form of yoga.

Interesting Facts about Yoga  

Being the birthplace of yoga, India is a home for thousands of yoga schools and training centres. The yoga retreat offers numerous yoga courses for yoga lovers. Just like educational institutions, the yoga teacher training fee varies from place to place. There are some interesting facts about Yoga teacher training in India and Nepal, which people need to know before enrolling for yoga courses.

Some of them are listed below!

(1.) Experienced Yoga Gurus

India is a birthplace for many yoga gurus across the world. The teachings of renowned gurus in India are still in existence today. By visiting the holy land of India, it is easy to follow the footsteps of the renowned yoga mentors.

(2.) Yoga is India’s Lifestyle

India is a country which adopts a different way of living a healthy life. Yoga is a part of everyone’s life, apart from all the diversities, religion, and languages yoga binds all the people in a single thread.

(3.) Cost-Efficient

As compared to other countries, a yoga teacher training program in India is cost-efficient as well as economical. The reason behind this is the yogis are spreading awareness among the people to stay fit and healthy as well as raise the standards of spirituality.

(4.) Detailed Knowledge about Ayurveda

Apart from yoga, India is a land for Ayurveda and preventive medicines. It is an ancient way of healing diseases with the help of natural herbs and plants with medicinal qualities. Taking a yoga course helps you to know more about the disciplines at the same time.

(5.) Help you to know Yoga Diet

Just after joining the yoga course, the yoga aspirants can enjoy simple, healthy, and tasty yogic food. You will get a chance to learn about the cooking techniques of healthy dishes. The addition of healthy dishes helps you to stay healthy throughout your life.

(6.) Adventure with Yoga

Once you start exploring it gives you a lot of opportunities to choose from among the list of adventure activities like river rafting, bungee jumping, cliff jumping, and many more activities during the entire course of yoga training.

The Final Thoughts

The points mentioned above have attracted lots of yoga lovers from around the globe. No matter either you are a beginner or you are planning to take your yoga practice to the next level, the yoga school offers the best guidance with adventure on the exotic locations.

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